Discussion Introduction-Let’s Talk About It

This is the heart and soul of this movement, to allow for rhetoric to be exchanged and explored in order to accomplish a positive environment. It all starts here and this is a judgement-free zone where thoughts, feelings, and opinions are to be expressed and exchanged. We remain respectful and want in-depth conversation!

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2 thoughts on “Discussion Introduction-Let’s Talk About It

  1. Let’s talk! I was not very happy with my friends on Facebook when they started slamming the H out of the political candidates using extreme rhetoric. They are still doing the same thing. No one has moved forward. Sometimes my friends don’t even want to discuss their points of view. They want to BASH the one they hate, and they don’t even offer solutions. As for me, I have lost trust and respect for their opinions. There is no such thing as civil political discourse. What can we do about this? https://www.facebook.com/spacenmsu/videos/318531715244132/


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